How it all began...

Hi, it's Mericia!

Welcome to our site. I'm so happy you're here. As far back as I can remember, I expressed myself through what I made with my hands. I grew up in a household where exploring various artistic endeavors was encouraged, which helped mold a passion for handmade things. My love for jewelry-making began at a very young age. My mom had picked up a new job assembling jewelry from home, and I was immediately drawn in. I would constantly beg her to let me help until she one day gave in. Since then, jewelry-making has been a part of my life.
In February 2017, after quitting my job two months prior, I decided to take a leap of faith and start Melrie. I had no clue how to run a business or what it involved, but I was sure of one thing, I love to make jewelry. 

So here we are, making jewelry for you! Thank you for being here and allowing me to do what I do.

xoxo - Mericia