How to Find Your Ring Size

Use our Plastic Ring Sizer

-You can order our plastic ring sizers here.

Accuracy: Works pretty great, but make sure to follow all the included instructions.

Use a Printable "Ring Sizer Tool"

-Find our printable ring sizing sheet here

Accuracy: There is room for error, but if you follow the instructions carefully you should get a good idea of your ring size.

More Tips

1. Make sure the ring slider, whether it's paper or plastic, fits over your knuckle otherwise you won't be able to slide the ring into the right place.

2. Salty foods can cause fingers to swell up a bit, measure your finger at the end of the day when they tend to be a bit more swollen.

3. Similarly, cold weather can cause your skin to shrink, while heat can cause it to expand. Make a note of this when sizing your finger.

4. Keep in mind that fingers on each hand can have different sizes. 

5. In comparison to thin bands, rings with thick bands will always be slightly tighter.

6. Finally, when in doubt, order up half a size.